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Final day of rains, before we head for Short break in Chennai

An excess June, excess July and now excess August for both Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Today too north TN regions are falling in the zone of convergence and from tomorrow there will be reduction in rains and then it will pickup again on September 1/2nd. In the ghat areas of Valparai, Gudalur belt and parts of kanyakumari & Theni regions heavy rains […]

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Tamil Nadu and KTC Rainfall on 22.08.2021

A Upper Air circulation (UAC) lay over off South West Bay of Bengal off Sri Lanka coasts which extended between 1.5 km & 5.8 km above m. s. l. The 24 hrs rainfall in Tamil Nadu on 8.30 am ending 22.08.2021 (min 40 mm) – Day rains in Chennai in last 10 years Day rains (8.30 am to 11.30 am) in Chennai […]

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Tamil Nadu rainfall on 21.08.2021

A Upper Air circulation (UAC) lay over off Tamil Nadu and adjoining Sri Lanka coasts which extended between 1.5 km & 3.1 km above m. s. l. The 24 hrs rainfall in Tamil Nadu on 8.30 am ending 21.08.2021 (min 30 mm) – Tamil Nadu Satellite image on 20.08.2021    

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All India SWM Toppers and State Wide Toppers from 01.06.2021 to 30.06.2021

All India Rainfall Toppers from 01-06-2021 to 30-06-2021 Min (1500 mm) 1. Mawsynaram, Meghalaya – 2597 2. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya – 2547 3. Kitwade, Maharashrta – 2167 4. Amboli, Maharashtra – 2032 5. Ambavali, Maharashtra – 2019 6. Shirshi, Maharrashtra – 1840 7. Bharne, Maharashtra – 1623 8. Agumbe, Karnataka – 1591 9. Gaganbawada, Karnataka – 1548 10. Dapoli, Maharashtra – 1537 11. Khed, […]

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Rain Updates

Cyclone Updates

Cyclone Yaas and Tamil Nadu Weather Update for coming days

No sleep, so this update at 3.00 am. So forgive for the typos and language. As winds converge around the low pressure the Veppa Salanam (Heat based or Sun based Convective) rains in Tamil Nadu will reduce. Once the low becomes Cyclone it will tightly wrap up the clouds around it. Hence, convergence will happen at sea around the low pressure are. […]

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Colaba records wind speed of 102 km/hr from Taukate, lets see historic Mumbai wind speeds from Cyclones

Past Cyclones that affected Mumbai Mumbai Cyclones are very very rare, very rarely we see cyclone making landfall as Cyclonic Storm in Kerala or Karnataka or Maharashtra. We can note down them and even memorize them. Have gone through the archives and found that two significant cyclones (1940 & 1948) that crossed near / over Mumbai. And have taken Nisarga too for […]

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Depression will remain in same place without crossing land for next 24 hours, will send up bands after bands into North and Interior Tamil Nadu

Location of Depression (Weakened Burevi) Depression is still located near Pamban-Rameshwaram belt and has been in that area for past one day and will continue to remain there for one more day. So ideal location for rains in entire Tamil Nadu. We can see the cloud temp in centre region is reduced from -58 C in morning to now just -2.5 C, […]

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