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Chennai misses morning spell. Diwali day will see some morning rains & as we go into day rains will clear

Clouds went slightly north & south of Chennai and down south Tuty and Nellai district gets good rains (2nd one of the season). Chengalpet and Cuddalore districts too gets very good rains (1st one of the season). Still Chennai region got decent rainfall ending today morning. Not the heavy ones we expected. Chennai convergence has shifted south and yaru kannu vechakangalo only […]

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West TN rocked and today it will be South TN’s day (Nellai, Tuty, T’kasi, Madurai, R’Puram, Theni, V’Nagar & KK)

West Tamil Nadu had got widespread rains in the last 4 days and the dry belts of Tiruppur, Coimbatore got much needed rains. The rains was particularly heavy in Nilgiris district in the Coonoor to Mettuapalayam stretch.  In the past 2 days, Tuty has been getting rains and these rains in South TN will continue till 8th November and then there will […]

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Rain Updates

Cyclone Updates

Weatherman Special – Cyclone Nivar will cross between Pondy & Chennai on 25th Night to 26th morning

Note: Athigara porvamana vanilai arikkaiku, neengal official agenyin, forecast ai nadavum. Post podran podran solli, i have made you wait and i should not put a mokka post, so a big post. This post is pure interpretation with personal capacity. To be honest, this has been one of the difficult cyclone to interpret even with all the high end numerical models available.  […]

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Amphan Update at 12.30 pm – Tamil Nadu Weatherman

1. Crossing Area – Close to Haldia – Sunderbans 2. Time of crossing – 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm (Note First winds will be from North – Northeast and the then calm period when eye passes over, then comes the winds from another half from South-south east – So when there is calm don’t think cyclone has crossed and come out, wait […]

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