Another Sizzling day expected in North TN


Another Sizzling day expected in North TN coastal areas including Chennai but with Cyclone Amphan in dying stages, our savior Sea Breeze can come in easily into land with less opposing westerlies and give us solace and we might see slightly less hot day than past 2 days. Yesterday Chennai City came close to 42 C at 41.8 C while Airport and Ennore in City touched 42 C.

Popups in KTCC and North TN

With seabreeze moving in with moisture after a hot day and cutting the westerlies in perfect angle, we can see isolated TS development nearby in KTCC, some places can get isolated rains.

One last pull from Amphan before dying

This was expected two days back, always KK and South TN will get one good band when cyclone moves to Bengal or Bangladesh. Trivandraum, Kollam, Alapuzha and Kanyakumari will have a pleasant monsoonish kind of day with rains. Nearby Thoothukudi and Nellai can have breather today with some clouds moving into them. However, they cant expect much rains.

Amphan impacts over Kolkata

114 km/hr winds were recorded in Kolkata similar to what Chennai got from Vardah. Remember Kolkata is slighlt inland from Sea. In short period, Kolkata recorded 236 mm of rains while Dum Dum recorded 203 mm.

Yesterday we saw small isolated TS in Sivaganga, Erode, Villupuram, Cuddalore and Namakkal. Today too some isolated TS will happen here and there but not widespread ones.

Slowly Thunderstorms will come back in Kerala and TN and Bangalore. Last week of May we may severe widespread thunderstorms (TS) in these three states. Bangalore after having poor rains s far can have a blasting end to the season. While South Kerala will rock as usual.

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