Kerala Dam levels not looking great, but for 3rd year in row August rains looks Great


In 2019 the dam levels in Kerala on same date were much worse than 2020 on same date. But then came in 2019 August and very extreme spell and within two weeks most of the dams reached full levels in Kerala. 2020 too is in similar state with not much rains in Kerala till date particularly in the ghat areas where most of the Dam catchment area lies. So most of the Dams have not even crossed even 50% mark levels. Even last week heavy spells in Wayand, Idukki were not from monsoon rains but from Thunderstorms.

The two biggest Dams in Kerala Idukki (51.5 tmc capacity) and Idamalayar (35.9 tmc capacity) have only 25-35% capacity. They need good spells for atleast one week to generate good run-offs.

With proper monsoon winds back in August along with support of MJO, its going to be third year in row, Kerala will be having very good rains in August.  Lets look back at end of August where the lakes stand i am sure most of the lakes will be in the upper end of the category.

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