Veeranam Lake reaches full level and Chennai water supply lakes is 43 times better than 2019


2019 Summer was one of the worst water levels Chennai had seen if you exclude Veeranam and just two years ago it was in 2017 Summer Chennai had similar sort of water problems. 2016 and 2018 NEM failed badly what made worse in 2019 was that the Groundwater also delpleted in Chennai and there was huge international attention on the Chennai water crisis. Well past is past, today in 2020, we are having the 2nd best storage in the lakes in the last 20 years and thanks to Cauvery water, Veeranam is full again.

There is more good news too, the lake catchment areas in Poondi have got good rains from the Convective rains till now. Further, its been massive year for Rayalseema and South Andhra with excess rains keeping less demand of water. In Krishna basin, though the rains are less in upper catchment near Mahabaleshwar and in other arm in Agumbe which is catchment for Thungabadra, it has been compensated by massive rains in Srisailam catchment and there has been good storage in Andhra and Telangana dams compared to last year.

South Chennai have got historic rains too. Only the core central parts of the city of Chennai had missed the rains and its blasting all around us.

The ground water is also better than last year and with good August and September ahead things will only get better for Chennai from here and by that time NEM will be ready to set in.

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