Ennaya nadakuthu. All time 24hrs & monthly rainfall for August in Pamban in 100 years


Pamban in Ramanathapuram is one of the driest place in India during south west monsoon. The average rainfall in Pamban in August is just 15 mm and in entire 120 days of south west monsoon from June 1 to September 30, the average rainfall in Pamban is just 66 mm.

This belt along with Thoothukudi is the driest in whole of India during South west monsoon. But Pamban rocks in North east Monsoon, it has annual average of close to 1000 mm and gets 90% of rains from October to December. During South West Monsoon, rains rarely happen in this belt due to strong westerlies and convergence rarely shifts in Thoothukudi to Pamban belt. Yesterday night strange rainfall happened in Pamban-Mandapam belt.

But today in few hours Pamban has got 121.8 mm rainfall. It has broken 2 all time records for August.

  • Highest 24 hrs rainfall in August 121.8 mm on 09.08.2020 breaks the previous 24hrs record of 73.9 mm recorded in 31st August, 1937
  • Highest monthly rainfall in August was 103.6 mm in the year 1910. This all time entire month record was broken in just few hours with 121.8 mm recorded on 09.08.2020

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