Rare February rains, action to shift to east coast (Tiruvallur to Nellore zone)


The trend continues isnt it. 1st it was record breaking January. We cant compare the February rains in 2021 in par with January 2021 rains.  But February – March are one of the driest months for Tamil Nadu that makes these rare rains special. Not often we these rains in February.

For past 2 days the rains have happened in ghat areas and interior parts of state in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. While in Andhra Pradesh it was coastal areas in Nellore and Prakasam district.  Today morning Thamirabarani belt got heavy rainfall with Manimuthar dam and Lower Papasanam dam both getting 100 mm rainfall. Salem and Erode too got good rains with hails at some places.  Right now at night good bands of clouds are moving into Pondy-Cuddalore belt and if it moves in the interior parts of Villupuram in north and Ariyalur belt down south will get rains. Overall North coastal TN and North interior TN will have good day tomorrow after which rainfall will reduce.

We can see now the rains will shift from western ghat areas towards east coast and interior areas of Chittor, Anantpur and also the coastal areas of Nellore and Prasakam in Andhra. Even Bangalore will get rains in interior Karnataka.

In Tamil Nadu it will be the north interior district Krsihnagiri, Tirupattur, Ranipet, Vellore, Tiruvallur and Chennai are ideally located for rains. Other interior regions like Dharmapuri, Tiruvannamalai and nearby districts will also has chance of rains.

These rains are too difficult to predict, for Chennai, it is all based on luck. If lucky we might get good rains else light rains here and there like past 2 days.

As expected Hailstorms were expected in many interior districts in Erode, Kodagu etc. Hails are observed by us with more probability when ever these upper level trough dips.  The Kodagu hailstorm video is here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM-gLgPx830 There is chance for more tomorrow too.

Rains will reduce from monday 2nd half and from Tuesday again dry days will start. In the past few 2 days good rains are reported in Karnataka and today good rains were reported in Tamil Nadu and Andhra. The rainfall details are as follows.

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