Tamil Nadu Weatherman Special: Mettur Dam is opened on the customary date of June 12 for 2nd year in a row


The opening day details of Mettur Dam since the dam was constructed and here it is. This is 2nd year in a row Mettur dam is opened on June 12th itself with good storage of water in the dam. The monsoon is going to be very active from today in western coast, Kerala, Karnataka cauvery catchments with back to back monsoon low forming in the north Bay. And in July too the monsoon looks good, so great days ahead. Initially 3000 cusecs has been released and it will be scaled up to 10000 cusecs by end of the day.

Great Flood years in Cauvery

The Mettur dam project work started on July 20, 1925 and after nine years of continuous work, the dam was commissioned on August 21, 1934. It has a gross capacity of 95630 mcft (95.63 tmc) and effective storage of 93470 mcft (93.47 tmc). Cauvery River has seen worst floods in 1924 with 4.56 lakhs cusecs flow just the year before dam work started. The other great flood years in Cauvery was in 1961, 1977, 1989, 1993, 2005 and 2018.

Opening stats of Mettur Dam

The customary date to release water from Mettur Dam is June 12 and in the 88 years of Mettur Dam history, lets see how many years the customary release has happened.

No. of years when dam was opened on 12th June : 18 (incl this year)
No. of years when dam was opened earlier than 12th June : 10
No. of years when dam was opened beyond 12th June: 60

In the last 88 years (incl 2021), the dam has surplussed 40 times so far. High chances exists for Mettur Dam touching 120 ft this year too.

The years when Mettur Dam is opened on or before 12th June are shaded in light blue.

Current Storage levels in main Dams in Cauvery Catchment

When you compare 2020 and 2021 on the same date, the storage levels are almost same. And with active days ahead, there will be huge increase in the storage levels by end of this month. So good days ahead for farmers in Tamil Nadu


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